April 11, 2018


Flying in the air with the special abilities is something that is highly appreciated. All it comprises of is mental strength and huge practice hours with a great balance of the body. There has been a lot of sports where the atmosphere is the playground. Such games can be both dangerous and an adventure. These sports can be played mostly at those places where there can be no obstruction in the air. Here is a list of such awesome sports in the air.


All the sports in this criterion are special by some or the other means. But trying them out is a matter of great willpower.
  • Paragliding
This is a famous sport. This can be played at places with rocky terrains and climatic conditions. These sports are carried out by the experts. There are different types of paragliding, some are mountain flying, flying off the coasts or even from the deserts and the flatlands. These sport scan be a great adventure not only for the people who have a broad knowledge, but also those who stay at holiday destinations. It gives an awesome experience similar to the flight of a bird.
  • 2. Bungy Jumping
This is a special one that needs heavy stunts and random practice. This sport is involved with jumping from heights in a freefalling manner. In this particular sport, one end of the elastic rod stays attached to the body of the jumper while the other end stays fixed at the point from where the jump is made. This is a sport that needs utmost care. Fortunately, the centres that offer such sports too take heavy measures for the protection. Though it is often considered to be a dangerous one, proper guidance and training can make this game a thrilling one.
  • 3. Hot Air Ballooning
This is gaining popularity in the recent days. It is a super catchy one. One needs to travel by a balloon to places to get the calm and the beautiful view of the Blue Mountains all around him. In hot air ballooning, one can feel like air, devoid of much weight. Often people are too afraid of this sport because flying in the air requires a great amount of willpower. This game is mostly done under the supervision of experts and so is hardly considered to be one that can etch troubles.
  • 4. Skydiving
Diving in the sea is common. But how can it be to dive in the air? This is a nascent sport in many places of the world. It is usually considered to be an extreme sport. The number of camps is increasing these days. This game can be a safe one only if a person knows how to actually maintain his posture while floating free in the air. This sport has often been troublesome with people who lack a proper knowledge. So, before trying out anything of this sort, one must be careful enough of proper training.


The proper training is a compulsory one before trying to venture out with any of the above sports. To be on the safe side, one must:
  • Choose a company that has been a reputed one since years
  • Must practice with a number of rugged geographical locations. Te practice period must involve some of the extreme ones too.
  • The practice sessions must be regular.
These are many other sports under the category of “AIR BASED SPORTS”. These include Aerobatics, Drone Racing, Air Racing, Gliding, Hang Gliding and Canopy piloting


Air sports can never be one that is less than a thrill. Often people just go out on holidays to seek out such thrills. These sports give them awesome experiences to meet up the unfulfilled expectations of flying in the air. So, if you are the one who is trying to enjoy such thrills, just pack your luggage for your favorite destination as soon as possible.
April 11, 2018


Water is a beautiful commodity to be played on. The cooling blue seas all around us naturally draw us to enjoy the high waves. The thrill and the adventures it provides are countless and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. So, some of the best competitive sports can be a beautiful holiday time in the nearest sea. There are a lot many games that will fetch you with all the pleasures and the comfort of life. Have an enjoyable sea time.


The waters surrounding us seem to be very fascinating. So, it feels right to enjoy with them. Some love the blue water while some other like the turbulence of the water. Whatever may be the choice, the water sport can be the best one to try out. They are adventurous, exciting to be played and also frees our body from any kind of strain. The games may be on the surface or underwater that chases many thrills. Some of the competitive water sports are also played in the Olympics and World Championships. So, be ready to know about some of the best water sports.


  1. Swimming-
This is the most common and popular one that is known to almost everyone. It has been one of the most competitive sports though centuries where even the specially abled people get a chance to present their skills. These sorts are prestigious all over the world. They are also played at the Olympics. The governing body that undertakes this sport is the Federation Internationale de Nation. This game can be the real one to make someone agile, fit and prove his stamina. Just jumping into the pool after a proper training can make some of the awesome moments for a player.
  1. Surfing-
Riding on a surfboard and moving in the direction of the waves can make one of the beautiful experiences. The surfboard length, the design is different depending upon the level of the game. Balance is the only thing that is to be kept in mind while trying out this watersport. Only some proper techniques like sailing in a proper posture can make one manage his entire journey.
  1. Jet Skiing
This is a race on the water. This is played in the fashion of one man using a watercraft machine. The exclusive stunts that are performed in this game like flipping, skiing in the form of a jet that makes the sport one of the best one. In one single round, there are about 10-20 racers. This is one of the best sports even in the Olympics.
  1. Wakeboarding
The surfing if is done in a speedy motion along the waves with a small high-speed board, it is called wakeboard. The only important thing to be minded in this game is keeping the feet in a proper position. This has become a popular one from the concept of snowboarding.
  1. Cliff diving
This is one of the most famous sport on the water. This includes jumping from the cliffs and plunging into the sea. The dive can be made up to a depth of 85 foot. This is a very exciting one that fills one with all the thrills. There are endless games that can be played on the water that need exclusive talents. Some other water sports are like water skiing, Triathlon, Skim boarding, Bodyboarding, kite surfing and Fishing all of which needs only excellent training and presence of mind.


Water sports can be a very enjoyable one. But with the enjoyment comes with predicted & calculated risksThe safety is a must. The stunts need a lot of practice and should not be tried without skills. There are many training centers to help a person out to be trained in all the courses related to water sports. Getting a training and then plunging into the sea will prove to be the best idea.
April 11, 2018


Thrill or adventures are built to relax us from our daily boring life. People love to go for venturing into the dark places that are filled with enjoyment. These sports can be performed on any of the fields like on the land, in water, on mountain cliffs, in the air. So, welcome to know some of the dangerous facts related to the top dangerous sports.


Extreme sports are built on the concept of the recreation though they hold potential risks. People love to venture into the fields of such sports jus to have a lifetime experience. The activities that are involved in such sports include speed, height, jumping from heights as well as the insane running of the racing cars. This is a perfect platform to face the extreme challenges that come with the ways of the person who is daring to face all challenges. To such people, death is a kiss of love. There are few people who have such extreme mental powers. But, if you are one of those, be ready to face one of the challenges. The people who are involved in such sports are usually the youngsters. The sports may be solitary or extreme in nature. It is quite tough to take up such challenges without proper training. So, in order to face the obstacles, proper training is a must. Traditionally, when a player is in the arena he has some measures to control his activities. But, when left out to venture into the open fields, there is never such a protection. TOP FRISKY SPORTS The sports under this category can be countless depending on the newer challenges one would like to go with. But the next list will give you some of the awesome dangerous sports.
  1. Base jumping
one needs to be very careful and think a million times before jumping off a plane. This may sound to be simply a boring one too many. They like to go with jumping from cliffs and towers. Some people just jump off such heights with two ambitions for the last time. One of the ambition can be “to gain fame” and the other “to face death”. There are severe and serious training periods for such jumps, but safety is a mandatory thing. Such people are usually known as “BASE” which is an abbreviated form of “Buildings Antennas Spans Earth”. The acronym just suggests that the people are ready to face the challenge from any height.
  1. Running of the bulls
Everyone loves to see this port. Being a spectator is quite an easy idea. But what about those who handle the game? This is a famous festival of Spain, the “San Fermin”. The concept behind the sport is to transfer the bulls from the region they stay to the slaughter homes. But, the situation becomes something different. It is a painful task to the ringmasters. There have been immense results of death every year. People still keep in enjoying the sports singing and dancing. The concept is somewhat the same that is followed in different parts of the world. Jallikattu is a famous sport of Tamil Nadu(India) of taming the bull.
  1. Scuba Diving
It is a love to the “divers”. But a very few know about the risks that need to be faced in this sport. Scuba diving can be an awesome experience to venture into the underwater marine life until one finally moves to the mouth of the shark. “Shark” is not the only challenge. The person diving in such dangerous conditions where there are lesser scopes of survival of human beings needs to face challenges like “lung rupture”, “damage to the sinuses”. The challenge comes in the form of extreme hours of immersion which results in the high pressures to be built up in the body blocking the arteries and veins leading the diver to death. Though the equipment is supplied with all the savior options possible, still there is never a guaranteed life after one venture into the bottommost levels.


The common health hazards that are faced include injuries to the skin, rupture of the arms and the limbs, traumas. There are several brain injuries that may include countercoup injury and the frontal lobe injury. The nervous system may get totally damaged. Serious eye injuries like chemical eye injuries may be faced. Some people who had faced very bad experiences have reportedly been never recovered. So, there is never a ban to the enjoyment. But, it must be in limits. Crossing the limits will fetch more harm than good. So, one needs to be trained very well before trying to face even a single challenge. Many death cases have been also reported from the ones who loved to take a selfie hanging from the highest tower. “Life” is a beautiful gift of God. One must strive to enjoy it with the sweet memories.