April 11, 2018
April 11, 2018
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Water is a beautiful commodity to be played on. The cooling blue seas all around us naturally draw us to enjoy the high waves. The thrill and the adventures it provides are countless and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. So, some of the best competitive sports can be a beautiful holiday time in the nearest sea. There are a lot many games that will fetch you with all the pleasures and the comfort of life. Have an enjoyable sea time.


The waters surrounding us seem to be very fascinating. So, it feels right to enjoy with them. Some love the blue water while some other like the turbulence of the water. Whatever may be the choice, the water sport can be the best one to try out. They are adventurous, exciting to be played and also frees our body from any kind of strain. The games may be on the surface or underwater that chases many thrills.

Some of the competitive water sports are also played in the Olympics and World Championships. So, be ready to know about some of the best water sports.


  1. Swimming-

This is the most common and popular one that is known to almost everyone. It has been one of the most competitive sports though centuries where even the specially abled people get a chance to present their skills. These sorts are prestigious all over the world. They are also played at the Olympics. The governing body that undertakes this sport is the Federation Internationale de Nation. This game can be the real one to make someone agile, fit and prove his stamina. Just jumping into the pool after a proper training can make some of the awesome moments for a player.

  1. Surfing-

Riding on a surfboard and moving in the direction of the waves can make one of the beautiful experiences. The surfboard length, the design is different depending upon the level of the game. Balance is the only thing that is to be kept in mind while trying out this watersport. Only some proper techniques like sailing in a proper posture can make one manage his entire journey.

  1. Jet Skiing

This is a race on the water. This is played in the fashion of one man using a watercraft machine. The exclusive stunts that are performed in this game like flipping, skiing in the form of a jet that makes the sport one of the best one. In one single round, there are about 10-20 racers. This is one of the best sports even in the Olympics.

  1. Wakeboarding

The surfing if is done in a speedy motion along the waves with a small high-speed board, it is called wakeboard. The only important thing to be minded in this game is keeping the feet in a proper position. This has become a popular one from the concept of snowboarding.

  1. Cliff diving

This is one of the most famous sport on the water. This includes jumping from the cliffs and plunging into the sea. The dive can be made up to a depth of 85 foot. This is a very exciting one that fills one with all the thrills.

There are endless games that can be played on the water that need exclusive talents. Some other water sports are like water skiing, Triathlon, Skim boarding, Bodyboarding, kite surfing and Fishing all of which needs only excellent training and presence of mind.


Water sports can be a very enjoyable one. But with the enjoyment comes with predicted & calculated risksThe safety is a must. The stunts need a lot of practice and should not be tried without skills. There are many training centers to help a person out to be trained in all the courses related to water sports. Getting a training and then plunging into the sea will prove to be the best idea.

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