April 11, 2018
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Flying in the air with the special abilities is something that is highly appreciated. All it comprises of is mental strength and huge practice hours with a great balance of the body. There has been a lot of sports where the atmosphere is the playground. Such games can be both dangerous and an adventure. These sports can be played mostly at those places where there can be no obstruction in the air. Here is a list of such awesome sports in the air.


All the sports in this criterion are special by some or the other means. But trying them out is a matter of great willpower.

  • Paragliding

This is a famous sport. This can be played at places with rocky terrains and climatic conditions. These sports are carried out by the experts. There are different types of paragliding, some are mountain flying, flying off the coasts or even from the deserts and the flatlands. These sport scan be a great adventure not only for the people who have a broad knowledge, but also those who stay at holiday destinations. It gives an awesome experience similar to the flight of a bird.

  • 2. Bungy Jumping

This is a special one that needs heavy stunts and random practice. This sport is involved with jumping from heights in a freefalling manner. In this particular sport, one end of the elastic rod stays attached to the body of the jumper while the other end stays fixed at the point from where the jump is made. This is a sport that needs utmost care. Fortunately, the centres that offer such sports too take heavy measures for the protection. Though it is often considered to be a dangerous one, proper guidance and training can make this game a thrilling one.

  • 3. Hot Air Ballooning

This is gaining popularity in the recent days. It is a super catchy one. One needs to travel by a balloon to places to get the calm and the beautiful view of the Blue Mountains all around him. In hot air ballooning, one can feel like air, devoid of much weight. Often people are too afraid of this sport because flying in the air requires a great amount of willpower. This game is mostly done under the supervision of experts and so is hardly considered to be one that can etch troubles.

  • 4. Skydiving

Diving in the sea is common. But how can it be to dive in the air? This is a nascent sport in many places of the world. It is usually considered to be an extreme sport. The number of camps is increasing these days. This game can be a safe one only if a person knows how to actually maintain his posture while floating free in the air. This sport has often been troublesome with people who lack a proper knowledge. So, before trying out anything of this sort, one must be careful enough of proper training.


The proper training is a compulsory one before trying to venture out with any of the above sports. To be on the safe side, one must:

  • Choose a company that has been a reputed one since years
  • Must practice with a number of rugged geographical locations. Te practice period must involve some of the extreme ones too.
  • The practice sessions must be regular.

These are many other sports under the category of “AIR BASED SPORTS”. These include Aerobatics, Drone Racing, Air Racing, Gliding, Hang Gliding and Canopy piloting


Air sports can never be one that is less than a thrill. Often people just go out on holidays to seek out such thrills. These sports give them awesome experiences to meet up the unfulfilled expectations of flying in the air. So, if you are the one who is trying to enjoy such thrills, just pack your luggage for your favorite destination as soon as possible.

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